School Resource Officer Program



The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort by certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community to offer law related educational programs in the schools in an effort to reduce crime, drug abuse, violence, and provide a safe school environment. The Hampton County Sheriff’s Office routinely accompanies school groups as they travel to athletic and field trips.

The School Resource Officer Program places a law enforcement officer in a school full-time to provide a variety of support programs and services to the students and staff of the selected school. The overall goals of the program are to maintain a safe and secure learning environment on the school campus, influence the development of positive attitudes by youth towards the law enforcement community, and to reduce juvenile crime through the use of intervention strategies, proactive policing, and networking.

The SRO program is a community policing approach practiced within a school environment. This provides the maximum benefit for the school and the sponsoring law enforcement agency. The school becomes the officer’s beat.